Hitra is known to be one of Norway`s top angling destinations. Kvenvær lies on the north westerly coast and offers excellent access to the open Atlantic.

The number of specimens caught here is impressive and has actually increased in resent years.

The fishing is quite challenging; you could be fighting giant coalfish on a spinning rod in the morning and using a 800g weight to reach the bottom in the afternoon. In the evening you could be clambering amongst the rocks spinning for pollack.

Each season has its appeal. Spring is the time for huge cod, haddock and hering abound and in Mai every one is eagerly awaiting the huge shoals of coalfish that herald the start of the summer. Then come pollack, wolfish, mackerel, giant coalfish and big cod are ever present.

There are incidental catches such as anglerfish and of course ling and tusk are always present. But the best time for huge ling is September and October, if you get the time and place right you could be catching fish that weigh in excess of 30kg. During these expeditions you`ll also catch norway haddock (red fish) up to 3 kg in weight.

The angler fish population around Hitra is nothing short of incredible. Commercial boats regularly have fish of 70 kg ` 80 kg in their nets.

The biggest to date was a giant of 89 kg. Incredible; when you think that commercial boats have been targeting them for no longer than 10 years.

So you have been warned; not every snag is Norway!

The list is endless: Mackerel, herring, whiting, myriad flatfish, halibut, hake, seatrout and a huge eel population, the list is practically endless.

The North Atlantic Drift means that our waters are never frozen; in fact the fishing in winter is inexpensive and can be very worth while.

If you don`t wish to leave anything to chance then you can charter a trip with our service centre guide in a slightly larger boat. He`ll take you out to off-shore riffs and plateaus. Alternatively you can book a guide for a week. Rob Langford, one of Europe`s most experienced anglers can show you sides of our sport and Hitra`s fishing that most anglers never dreamed existed.

We have a secluded lake just a few minutes walk away, where you can catch wild trout and char.

Many anglers are taken by surprise by the quantity of fish that they catch, so we also sell specially insulated transport boxes; they`re ready and waiting.

In case you haven`t managed to catch your target species then you can usually buy locally caught halibut, angler fish or wolf fish at our "Fiskebrygge".

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